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Ongoing PhD Projects

Yousif Al-Sabaawi: A Green City. Proposal to Increase Green Areas in Iraqi Cities - Case Study Mosul City

Mohammad Bashirizadeh: The impact of the Persian garden style-ecological landscaping on urban sustainability and resilience

Wilfrid N'Tcha Koutoucou: Biodiversity conservation, rural livelihoods and land management in protected areas: The case of Takamanda National Park in Cameroon

Jae-yoon Lee: Urban Green and Open Spaces - A Comparison of Landscape Design and Management in Korea and Germany

Nahid Nasserian: Investigation of the correlation between urban landscape and identity in developing countries. Case study: Ahvaz, Iran

Leyli Rastin: Sustainable spatial and landscape planning through 3D visualization of landscape changes

Karsten Leschinski-Stechow: The Effectiveness of Environmental Protection in Local Land Use Planning – An Empirical Investigation of Planning Practice

Brigitte Strux: Climate Change and Weather Phenomena from a Local Perspective: Rural Know-how as Potential Contribution for Adaptation to Climate Change