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2014 Field Trip 'Planning and Design Practice in Asia'

Prof. Dietwald Gruehn & Karsten Leschinski-Stechow


As before in 2011 and 2012, students will have the opportunity to participate in a field trip towards Korea. The program involves our partner schools at Hanyang University (Seoul) and Michigan State University (East Lansing). The schedule will incorporate several class sessions and discussions concerning recent planning issues and developments in Korea, the United States and Europe. In addition to theory, students will expand their knowledge through a multitude of field visits with different planning stakeholders in Seoul Metropolitan Area as well as at other places (Pyeongchang, Ulsan, Busan). Study subjects include Urban Regeneration including Port Regeneration, Future Housing Design; Role of National, Provincial, and Local Government in Planning and Design; Green Planning and Design and its Impacts on Economic Development, Historical Design and Preservation, Mega Project Planning and Design, Place Marketing, IT and its Effects on Planning and Design, Industrial Complex and Environmental Protection and Public Transportation and City Arts.

Getting in touch with Korean and American fellow students will sharpen crosscultural skills and become a valuable experience for Dortmund participants.


Participation with the field trip is open to all students of spatial planning. Participants are expected to prepare for the field trip by attending group meetings in advance, that especially aim at outlining individual working topics. Since the field trip shall encourage advanced students to derive their final thesis through their field research in Korea, a sophisticated paper is required as output of the field trip. Alternatively, undergraduates may produce a working report according to consultations with the lecturers. Additionally, all participants will provide a joint field trip report (that is mandatory for earning credit points).

Important acknowledgements:


As the organization of the 2014 field trip is ‘work in progress’ yet, some of the details (esp. schedule, number of students) are subject to changes by our partner schools and will be published by spring 2014.



May 15 (Seoul) – June 2 (Busan); please note that Module 21/25-acknowledgement requires a minimum attendance of ten days with the field trip.



All students are expected to stick to English language in Korea.



The usual MSU tuition fees (> 3.000 USD) will be waived for Dortmund participants. Further costs are subject to individual expenses, e.g. airfares dormitory and meals (approx. 1.000 EUR).



The number of Dortmund students is restricted. The admission procedure will be published as soon as possible. Students should contact the LLP-chair.



In order to grant access to certain sites in Korea, it may be necessary that students provide passport copies some weeks prior to the field trip.



Chair of Landscape Ecology and Landscape Planning (LLP)

Academic Calendar (Update 03/13/2014)

05/15/14 (Thu) Arrive in Seoul
05/16/14 (Fri) Orientation (meet buddies, ID instructor, name tag, emergency card (OSA)
2001 World Cup Stadium Seoul
Welcome Dinner
5/17/12 (Sat) -18 Field Research Analysis
High-End Designs: Design Firm/ Hotel/ Retail Stores
Cluster planning
5/19/14 (Mon) Suwon City, Historic Preservation, Placemaking, Social Enterprise
5/20/12 (Tue) Seoul Metropolitan Government: Transportation Planning
Dongdaemun Plaza: Mega Building Design and Construction (Zaha Hadid)
Korean Cultural Performance
5/21/14 (Wed) Korea Military Academy: Post Reunification Cities
DMZ (Entmilitarisierte Zone/Grenze Nordkorea. Abhängig von tagesaktueller Sicherheitslage)
5/22/14 (Thu) Incheon Bridge
New Incheon Airport Construction
5/23/14 (Fri) Korea Highway Control Tower
2018 Pyongchang Winter Olympic Site
5/24/14 (Sat) Sangwonsa Temple: Impact of Religion, Tea ceremony
5/25 /12 (Sun) Field Research
5/26/12 (Mon) Urban Regeneration Site
Future Housing, IT
Farewell Dinner with Buddies
5/27/14 (Tue) Leave for Gwangju
2001 World Cup Stadium/2015 Universiade Stadium Gwangju
5/28/14 (Wed) Presentation: Placemaking in Rural Areas
2012 Yeosu Expo Site
5/29/14 (Thu) Sinan Salt Farm: Slow City Movement
5/30/14 (Fri) Leave for Busan Metropolitan City via
Geojedo (Hyundai Shipbuilding), Industrial Complex
5/31/14 (Sat) 2001 World Cup Stadium Busan
6/1/14 (Sun) Urban Field Research
6/2/14 (Mon) Planning and Design Practice in Busan: U-City
6/3/14 (Tue) Leave for Home